PAISC: New Building Update

The new Port Arthur International Seafarers' Center building is under construction now located at 401 Houston Avenue at the end of Procter Street. This is your source for updates on the building progress - check back often! If you have questions please feel free to call us at anytime!! (409) 409-982-4504

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Generous donors come forward!

Dear Friends,

We received 2 generous donations this past week. Mr. Clark Colvin and Huntsman Petrochemicals Corp presented Fr. Sinclair with a check for $5000 and pledged another $5000 from next years budget. Fr. Sinclair blessed one of the Rowan rigs this weekend, and was presented with a check for $1000 by Rowan. This brings Rowan's contribution up to $2,000.

We sincerely appreciate their generosity. If any of you wish to donate, or would like to encourage someone else to do so, feel free to e-mail us for a copy of our list of donors. You can send that e-mail to me at

We've had plenty of rain the past week or so, but work continues at the Seafarers' Center, as we rebuild the old KCS Depot.

I took a few pictures today, just to keep you all updated. As you can see, the crews are working on the roof of the middle section today. The area below the bucket truck is where the communications room and other seafarer activity spaces will be.

By the way, the Sabine Pilots were gracious enough to donate funding for the Communications room, some time back. And just a couple of weeks ago, Mr. Jeff Hayes donated an old Sabine Pilots sign to us, for the new building. So I think I know where that wonderful piece of our local Maritime History will go!

Thanks to all of you who have donated, and please help us continue to spread the word!


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